Peter Aristone Talks Mental Health In Video For “Painful Remedy”

Peter Aristone

It’s no secret that thousands of people struggle with mental illness every day. In the past few years, we’ve seen huge artists come out and speak about their mental health, the likes of Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Zayn Malik, all working to remove the stigma surrounding the topic. Slovakian singer-songwriter Peter Aristone is another one using his platform to speak about the struggles one can face with a mental illness.

Peter Aristone Talks Depression in his Latest Music Video for ‘Painful Remedy’

The track is undoubtedly one of the heaviest and most aggressive songs off Aristone’s latest EP Happiest Accidents.

Lyrically “Painful Remedy” is start to finish about living with depression. With lines like “No sun on a beach can make me smile / when my soul’s in shame, while I’m on trial,” you can’t help but feel the relatable qualities throughout every line on the track. For those who are suffering from depression, every lyric feels like you could’ve written it yourself. If you have no idea what the illness feels like, “Painful Remedy” can show you through it’s vivid lyrics.

“The vocal parts got me into places I thought I couldn’t manage at first, but it was clear soon enough that the tension was exactly what the album needed,” said Aristone.

The video adds on to the lyrics, bringing them to life (as every good music video should). You see images of struggling in water bringing in the feeling of drowning that some feel, the anxiety of being diagnosed and put on prescriptions to manage, and even trying to find an escape to feel happiness or any emotion at all.

Its vintage, recorded-on-tape feel adds to the visual story of seeing through the eyes of another. Often feeling like you’re watching your life pass by through a lens that’s not your own.

Aristone’s Happiest Accidents EP is available across digital platforms such as Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon and Peter’s store.

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