Peter Kleinhans Is Here To Tell Us ‘Something’s Not Right’

Peter Kleinhans

There is no age limit deadline when it comes to creating music. The calling can come whenever it sees fit. We were recently introduced to Peter Kleinhans, his interesting life, and his new venture into music with his debut album Somethings Not Right.

The New York City native is a rookie to the music business at the ripe age of 51 years old. Fortunately, this has given Peter Kleinhans a wealth of experiences to pour into his songwriting. For the past 30 years, Peter focused on his first love, horse racing. He had great success driving harness racehorses as well as acting as a professional gambler on thoroughbred horses. This type of dedication to his craft seems to have poured over into his new career as a songwriter.

Now back in New York after a 20 year absence, Peter Kleinhans is ready to release his debut album Something’s Not Right to the world. Right from the opener ‘3,000,000 Years’ we get a fun vibe that puts a little smile on our face. There is definitely a message within the music though demanding some focus on the lyrics. As a songwriter, Peter does not limit himself to one style. There are folk and even country influences on “A Seperate Time” and “Leaving Home” before he goes in a Jazzy direction on “To Hell And Back”.

The title track “Something’s Not Right” shows off the storytelling skills of the songwriter. With a minimal instrumental touch, Peter Kleinhans shares some deep imagery in his lyrics. Very impressive for a new venture into the music game.

The album goes in a more rock genre direction with “Falling Apart” but stays unique with the unique Peter Kleinhans vocal delivery. His words demand multiple listens to take it all in. “Sky Blue” slows down the tempo but the focus on lyrical content is just as strong. Dive into his stories with him.

We continue on the storytelling journey with Peter for a full 11 tracks reaching the mesmerizing “Halifax Harbor”. It seems it all comes together here with a pretty backdrop of sound that melds perfectly with his singing style. This is the best produced song of the record in my opinion. 

Keep up with more of the story and music on the Peter Kleinhans WEBSITE.

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