Buffalo Mend Drives Us Right Down ‘Center Street’

Buffalo Mend

It takes a special talent to truly get emotion into a song. Many have tried but few are able to really find that perfect vibe where both the lyrics and instruments sound as if they share the same feeling. Our recent discovery Buffalo Mend is one of those rare artists on new album Center Street.

Although there is not much info out there about Buffalo Mend, we have learned that it is a project by singer-songwriter Zac Bench. Apparently he hails from the Western United States and is the sole mind behind the lyrics and music of Buffalo Mend. He describes the sound as a rock/folk/blues blend…. heavy on the blues.

The newest release from Buffalo Mend is the 19 track opus Center Street. In effect a double album of songs that dive deep into the songwriter’s thoughts. The opener “Hellhounds” sets the tone right from the start with its reverb drenched guitar and a distinct vocal upfront that is meant to be the focus. There are stories to be told here. Time to pay attention. “Peter Rabit’s Lament” seems to be influenced by the classic folk rock sound of years ago. The slow but steady beat sits back while sounds come in and out to ease a weary mind.

The production is stepped up a little on “1923” yet still stays in the relaxed folk-blues pocket. There is a laid back beauty here while Buffalo Mend takes his time to share his warm feelings for the past. We step back to the simplicity with “Jamestowne” and its slow beat that allows our minds to just relax and absorb the music.

The speed picks up with a modern yet fuzzy 90’s alt-rock vibe on “Money’s Gone”. Guitar effects are the stand out here as the layers build upon each other to create quite the sonic tapestry. Other tracks “For The Birds” and “Be There” continue this Dinosaur Jr type sound.

This is a full album meant to take you on a long journey through the emotions of a songwriter unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Buffalo Mend is an artist that will keep on growing and hopefully continue putting out solid music for us to enjoy. Keep an eye on his YOUTUBE and SPOTIFY pages.

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