‘Can’t Trust Myself’ from Pick Up and Run Defines Emotion

Pick Up and Run

Proficient in emotionally charged music, Pick Up and Run has knocked it out of the park with “Can’t Trust Myself.”

Building up with soul


From the get-go, the single is highly energetic with its sound. Following a quick strum of a guitar, the rest of the instruments flow in. The culmination of this is a sound that resembles alternative and classic rock. Such a sound is rare to find in today’s scene, making Pick Up and Run’s new one a diamond in the rough.


A feature of “Can’t Trust Myself” that’s especially enjoyable is the way the vocal energy matches production. Throughout, there’s a coherent pattern of impact in the way these two elements combine. You’ll find yourself mindlessly head banging to the power of vocalist Cole Caldwell’s voice.


You can trust Pick Up and Run


Bear in mind though, the intent behind the carried lyrics aren’t just made up of mindless words that rhyme. One of the best experiences about music with emotions at the forefront is being able to identify to what’s being said. The song’s message of not being able to trust antics rides along the music incredibly. Taking so many nods from other genres while staying true to their punk rock roots aides in this. “Can’t Trust Myself” dips into a mellow country twang for the bridge and throws itself into a power-driven heat for the chorus.


The California natives have an obvious knack for surprising audiences with their natural experimental niche. Pick Up and Run’s vibe courses through their music. Their new EP, Struck, will be released on March 6 and also features “Pull The Trigger.” While having so many features of its in-tune predecessor, the EP brings forth a completely different alternative tone. Though the EP is short, the work gives a full scope of how the band produces their talent in two rock-hard hits.

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