PREMIERE: Serena Foster Releases “I <3 CA"

Lighting a passion within her at the age of five, music has played a monumental role in Serena Foster‘s life. Dedicating a majority of her adolescence singing and songwriting through the leadership of her father, who was also a musician, Serena continues to craft her art to perfection. Spending years working within the Americana genre, but has since spent time rediscovering herself. Her introspection lead to a transition into the pop and EDM world that her hometown fans in Los Angeles have come to adore.

Currently Serena has been busy playing packed shows all over Los Angeles while releasing music produced by Raz Klinghoffer. Klinghoffer is more commonly known as DJ alias “Hamster” and his work can be heard on shows like American Horror Story. Together the pair worked on “Oh Oh Oh,” a song that was placed in Netflix original, Lucifer.

“I <3 CA” shines just as bright as the sun in So-Cal.

Working the Los Angeles area extensively, Serena has deep connections to her home in California. Today Serena is releasing, “I <3 CA” a single that explores every nuance of her life and love for the place she calls home. Playful, upbeat, and effervescent, the single displays the youthfulness and vitality that Serena Foster holds.

“I <3 CA” is hypnotic and addictive, with Serena’s vocals soaring high over catchy synth beats. Foster takes you on a personal journey during the song, showing you how she see’s her Southern California life. The single shines and truly emanates the care-free vibe of the Golden State.

Serena will be continuing to play shows and make appearances throughout Los Angeles in the coming months. You can support Serena and purchase “I <3 CA” via iTunes. Be sure to follow Foster on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up with her busy career!

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