The Prids Ask ‘Do I Look Like I’m In Love?” ‘


After over two decades as a band, Portland-based group The Prids is soon releasing what many are calling the best album of their career.

Do I Look Like I’m in Love? covers a broad scope of topics, from LGBTQ issues to feelings of hopelessness to modern day life, all under a meticulously crafted and detailed musical lens.

Out on January 12, the album includes four singles that the band has been releasing since September, each with its own unique music video.

The title track of the record also serves as its leading single. “Do I Look Like I’m In Love?” is about the evolution of independent music and DIY culture in the past 20 years.

Musically, the song layers synth sounds and a shoegaze vibe on top of punk-influenced guitar lines and vocals. The atmosphere crumbles at the end, resulting in an instrumental jam that closes out the song with energy.

The accompanying video is a playful but honest response to the changing music scene in Portland. In a city full of trendy spots, The Prids find the most comfort in wacky, old school clubs.

The Prids’ 8-Bit Music Video is ‘Stuffed Full of LGBTQ Symbolism’

Premiered by Out Magazine, the video for “Mangled Hearts” is wildly creative, unique, and a great representation of not only the struggles of LGBTQ people but nonviolent solutions as well.

Presented as an 8-bit video game adventure, the video features a non-binary main character finding peaceful ways to defeat enemies, who symbolize issues from “harmful religious doctrine” to “unjust and rigid legislation.”

The video, animated by the band’s keyboardist Tim Yates, fits seamlessly with the song itself. In contrast to the title track, “Mangled Hearts” has a much more ambient and shoegaze sound that works well in a fantasy adventure setting.

Musically and visually, “Mangled Hearts” is a true highlight of the album.

Newest Single ‘Elizabeth Ann’ is Infectiously Catchy

Just released on December 15, “Elizabeth Ann” is the most recent offering from The Prids.

Possibly the catchiest thus far, this song is driven by a heavy drum beat. Vocalists Mistina La Fave and David Frederickson sing in unison the whole time, giving their sound a unique edge.

The corresponding video is full of bright images and colors, creating a psychedelic atmosphere that brings the song to a new level.

According to Tattoo, Do I Look Like I’m In Love?” illustrates “the Portland dark pop band’s mettle through keen lyrical observations, but also in its attention to sonic detail and songcraft.”

Intriguingly unique, each song has its own sound. However, they all fit together into a cohesive album that boldly represents the band in every way.

The Prids’ fourth full-length album Do I Look Like I’m in Love? will be out January 12 via This-A-Way Records.

In the meantime, check out the band on social media.