No Quarters Needed At ‘Super Arcade’ by Quarry


Massive recording studios are great for overproduced music that often loses its soul. This is needed for the syrupy mainstream pop of today but there are alternatives. Artists that open up their creativity can be just as creative in finding a place to record. Our recent discovery Quarry has taken this to a new level to create a sound that is quite unique.

The artist also known as Vittorio Tolomeo started his musical journey back in 2010 with a solo career. By 2014, he was leading the band PRIZEDAY to an album release on New Zealand’s Do It Records. The band toured Europe including a high profile stop at The Great Escape Festival.

Now known as Quarry, he is experimenting again to create something fresh in the alternative pop-rock scene. These experiments led to a search for an uncommon place to record his new songs. The discovery of a warehouse filled with old pinball machines and arcade games was just the place Quarry was looking for to try this new undertaking.

Quarry Has Become A Pinball Wizard

The very special environment inspired the title and set the mood for the new album which would come to be called Super Arcade due for release on April 12th, 2019. Quarry explains, “Making the record in such a strange place was necessary to stop time and detach myself from the unnecessary things of this age. I realized that I wanted to express the value of awkwardness.”

Right from the opening title track “Super Arcade”, and its familiar walking bassline, we can feel the raw tone that Quarry was hoping to share. There is a brit-pop influence mixed in to keep the track super catchy. “Everything And Its Opposite” continues this trend with some mesmerizing guitar and a hook that will be in your head for a while.

The power rock is turned up on “Firefighter” with some straight-ahead rock drumbeats mashed with an infective guitar melody that drives the track forward. Quarry added in a nice distorted little solo and we have a classic rock song here. We go to the other side of the spectrum with “Sweet Alien on Creamy Skis”, a piano-led ballad that slows down the pace allowing the listener to take a breather.

“Man With The Scars” is a more adventurous experimental track that seems to be an ode to the legend David Bowie. There is some more experimentation on “Haters Online” with noises coming from all different angles but still remaining solidly raw and relatable.

The album closer “Reborn” ties it all together with distorted guitars behind a lyrical filled track telling a story. This is the epitome of raw rock and roll that you feel in your soul.

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