Quick Piss Brings Surfer Sound With Debut Album

Quick Piss

Looking at the name of the group I’m about to introduce, I knew I was in for something interesting. Quick Piss, yes I said it, is a band from Des Moines, Iowa that just released their debut cassette (yes, cassette) on September 2. The title of this debut album? Rock ‘N’ Roll Impotence. Another interesting name to add to the list here. After streaming through this album, I’d have to say that there’s something very memorable about this group.

The 5-piece group started out back in 2013 when they ranged in ages from 16 to 18. Now that they are in their early 20s, there’s definitely a lot of angst to be expressed. (Trust me, I would know.) Although they have not been in existence for as long as some notable artists, they still have had their share of experience. Having opened for some popular acts such as Andrew W.K. and Surfer Blood, they’ve dipped their feet in the water in terms of performance experience.

The 13 tracks from their debut album feature tracks with titles such as “666 UPSIDE DOWN CRUCIFIX” and “THOROUGHLY FUCKED.” These titles in themselves already let you know that you’re about to hear something quite interesting. Although there’s a lot more to hear within their album, I’d have to say that “THOROUGHLY FUCKED” caught my attention the most.

Surf Punk Lives On Through Quick Piss

There seems to be a very grungy Beastie Boys sound to this track, not to mention a real Dead Kennedys vibe — there’s some definite aspects of surfer punk or skater punk mixed in there as well. The distorted sound that pours through your speakers when you listen to this track makes it a really good headbanger that you’ll want to check out.

“666 UPSIDE DOWN CRUCIFIX” may have been the most disturbing song title due to my Catholic school background, but the vocals in this are a bit more subtle than the previously mentioned track. There’s still that surf punk sound to it that trickles through every track in the album, but this is honestly a style of rock that I haven’t heard much of lately, so being able to have some nostalgia brought to me is a really good treat.

You can check out some of Rock ‘N’ Roll Impotence on the band’s SoundCloud.

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