Despair flies with “The Raven” by The R Train Band

Life works in mysterious ways. We fall in and out of love with people, hobbies and lifestyle. One minute, we are certain on a chosen path to happiness only to realize one day that something is missing. When someone asked drummer Mike Annese why he stopped playing music, he ended up asking himself the same question. Why? Taking action, he immediately reached out to singer/guitarist Jeffrey Black and the band was born. Funny that a seemingly random question became the catalyst for The R Train Band coming together. Wearing their influences on their sleeves, the band’s look and sound pays homage to classic rock. “The Raven” the group’s new single is no exception.

Listen To “The Raven” Here

From the first note played, it’s classic rock all the way. Visions of Tom Petty strumming along immediately come to mind as “The Raven” rolls out. Leading the way and establishing the groove are the bass player’s walking bass lines. His bright accent notes in the chorus are the catchy hooks that won’t let go. Momentum continues to build until we get to the bridge where they take their proverbial foot off the gas and cleverly coast. By easing off the gas we are set for the guitar solo crescendo.

Visions, ideas, concepts can be tricky to pull off. Thankfully the band got together with Greenescreen Productions. Video director/producer Matt Greene does a stellar job of bringing the band’s concept to life. The videography is top notch. Together the song and video deliver something special with a bit of an Ebenezer Scrooge/Christmas Carol feel. I only have one question… is that a BC Rich he’s playing during the guitar solo?!?!

The concept song has gone a bit to the wayside. Songs like “Rocket Man” by Elton John or “Major Tom” by Bowie don’t happen much anymore. Exploring how grief can overcome an individual is the concept which The R Train Band tackles. Grief can hinder us from performing our daily needs, and also drive us to addiction. Flashes of R.E.M. come to mind as the band ventures outside of today’s pop music norm. An incredible job, well done gentlemen.

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