Randy Steele Expands Sound On “Songs From The Suck”

Randy Steele

There are some negatives for a musician within a successful band. As a songwriter, not every song you write will be a fit for the band’s style. That is not a problem when you are writing good songs. They will find a place to be heard. This is what is now happening with Randy Steele and his solo record Songs From The Suck.

As the charismatic frontman and banjo maestro for the award winning band Slim Pickins Bluegrass since 2008, Chattanooga, TN based singer-songwriter Randy Steele has held court with hundreds of legendary live performances on some of the Southeast’s most prominent stages and performed everywhere from California to Belgium and Holland.

With the music that Randy Steele is creating on his own Bluegrass is still the base but Blues can be heard as well. The songs also include drums and slide guitar which are rarely heard in traditional Bluegrass. Another focus is on the storytelling aspect. This is a huge part of what Steele wants to do with his music. Lyrics are very important to him.

Randy is keeping himself very busy as he continues touring with Slim Pickens Bluegrass while adding a string of solo shows to fill the little free time he has. The experience and atmosphere are different for each performance. This allows him to connect with even more fans.

Of this new record Randy Steele says “I enjoy writing stories, and the pieces on Songs from the Suck are mostly fictional. My new fans are there not just to enjoy the musical atmosphere, but to really experience the songwriting and feel moved by the words.” Through the 12 tracks of the album we are treated to an undeniable happy energy.

Randy Steele Welcomes All Listeners of Bluegrass and Blues

The opener “Northbound 29” has a playful travelling vibe that will get toes tapping right from the start. Let the Bluegrass energy flow. Randy Steele shows the more heartfelt side on “Mobile Soon”. The slowed down acoustic track pours with emotion for returning home to his roots.

It all comes together nicely on “Hard Givin’.” The way Steele is able to paint a picture in song is truly fascinating. As he is singing about rebuilding a wheel well on an old train we know there is imagery that can tell a deeper story if you are willing to listen. The Blues style comes to the forefront on “Drinking To Do”. There is some comedy thrown in to add a chuckle for the listener as we all just want to sit down with the songwriter and share a drink.

The passion returns on “Hideaway” as an almost romantic tone tells the story of a mountain and spring. Each instrument has its perfect place in the mix to create a pretty piece of music.

You can keep up with the music, tour, and other exploits of Randy Steele on his WEBSITE.

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