Ranzel X Kendrick Lights Up With ‘Foreglow’

One of the best things for an artist to do is get out there and gain experiences. These experiences can be transformed into influences for your songwriting. Our friend Ranzel X Kendrick is a perfect example of this. Life is his muse.

Life has been an adventure for Ranzel X Kendrick and he seems to have enjoyed all of it. He has created a unique genre he calls “freestyle folk”, a blend of country, blues, and pop rock. Growing up with Uncle Roger Miller, a multi-Grammy winning Country Music Hall of Famer, had a huge effect as well. Songwriting is in their blood and tips flowed freely.Traveling all around America and seeing many countries overseas filled the cup of influences for Ranzel X Kendrick. Currently enjoying Central American life in Costa Rica has added its own inspiration as well.

For his latest offering Ranzel X Kendrick has released his Foreglow EP. The opener “Cross My Heart” is a beautiful track that we previously covered HERE. From there we take a swim in the “River Of Love”. This is an elegant acoustic track that provides a storytelling vibe that draws the listener in close. Many of us have been in similar situations.

 The other side is heard on “Virtuous Woman” as Ranzel welcomes true love. Smooth and soulful sounds rise in and out with an island-influenced drumbeat. The beauty fills the speakers on this bluesy-tinged track. The romantic EP concludes as it should with “Slow Dancing In The Rain.” The emotional vocal delivery here is perfect. We can share in the feelings as the beautiful music washes around us.

Definitely an album to share with your love. Dive into more with Ranzel X Kendrick on his WEBSITE.

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