Spot the Soul with Experimental Rebel ACA & French Monkey

rebel aca

With a band name as compelling as their single “John Wayne,” Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench are hitting the scene fearlessly.

John Wayne’s influence in Britpop


A perfect introduction to Britpop hip hop, if any, would have to be “John Wayne.” The single itself is described as “what it takes to be a modern man in a modern world,” offering an interesting perspective on life. The correct lyricism and flow over the funky reggae-inflected beats gives the single its voice. Reggae is such an excellent addition, for the depth and rhythm added from this influence completes the entire melody.


The sneak attack here comes from the added synth instrumentation over the hip hop influences, giving an excellent nod to an indie tactic used by many artists today. That fresh, modern feel keeps the track bright and fun.


Being aptly named, the subject matter of the lyricism isn’t too hard to figure out. If you’re not into older film, don’t fret. John “Duke” Wayne is an actor and director, best known for True Grit (the original one) and his 30 year career. Rebel ACA & French Monkey used the entertainer as inspiration for the man he projected in Westerns. The man with tough mental strength and a collected character.


Rebel ACA & French Monkey: A snapshot


The tone of the song definitely echoes a sort of toughness the band aims to convey. Working with genres that aren’t usually blended and giving them grit is difficult. It involves incredible individuality and finesse. However, from the first 30 seconds, what’s easy to see is that this is the band outfit to take up the challenge artfully.


An extremely strong piece from the duo comes from the result of 15 years of friendship. Their eclectic style is anything but easily forgettable, as their personality is so vibrant from the single. Kinda weird, kinda cool, all the way rhythmic.