Fake Billy and the False Prophets Release Single ‘Palace Of Azizia’

Fake Billy

Dutch garage rock band Fake Billy & The False Prophets just released their newest single “Palace Of Azizia.” The single follows the college and Dutch indie radio success of their previously released album, Lip Gloss.


“Palace Of Azizia” kicks off with an ominous repeating bass line, and vocalist Martijn Crins emitting some guttural noises before jumping into the meat of the song. The lyrics begin with Crins singing about some kind of palace “palace.” Crins sings, “got his own wonderland / his own little mystery land,” which sets up the mood for the environment he’s about to describe.


Fake Billy & The False Prophets Transport You to Their Palace

The lyrics in the song create imagery of this “magic cave of wonder,” as Crins lists off the obscure collection of objects that can be found in this palace. Once these descriptions are made, the song becomes incredibly immersive, bringing the listener along into the world Fake Billy & The False Prophets create. Although the song is straightforward in describing this domain, it also takes some unexpected turns, incorporating some small pre-chorus guitar riffs that break up the bass line that continues throughout the song.


Crins’ vocals escalate and become more aggressive as “Palace Of Azizia” goes on. By the middle of the song he sounds louder and stronger, giving a feeling of the song coming to a crux. The guitar also becomes more prominent and always seems to follow the vocals without overpowering them. After this, the chorus is repeated and the song slowly fades out.


“Palace Of Azizia” ends with an almost unfinished feeling. The song leaves a lot of unanswered questions, but in a way that feels intentional. The entirety of the song has a mysterious aura about it, and is definitely not one to miss for anyone who wants an interesting lyrical take on garage rock.


Fake Billy & The False Prophets can also be found on Twitter.

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