Rebel Light Gives Us ‘A Hundred Summer Days’ In Debut EP

Rebel Light

LA-based band The Rebel Light wants to take you on a drive. Their debut EP A Hundred Summer Days is their travel companion. And rightfully so. With melodies that scream good vibes and lyrics about summer discoveries, there really couldn’t be better company. Their easy indie pop combined with their California state of mind creates nothing short of a good time.

The Rebel Light easily showcases all the highs and lows of a good summer day in their five-song brainchild. It’s nothing short of cinematic, honestly. They’ve created the perfect indie soundtrack, but that’s not all The Rebel Light was aiming to accomplish.

The Rebel Light’s self-proclaimed goal for this album was to “create a soundtrack to your summer — music to listen to as you drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in your vintage car” and they did not disappoint. They’re offering us this album for the open road — and with songs like theirs, it would be stupid to say “no.”

They have something electric about them that keeps your ear to the ground. You don’t give it five minutes and turn it off, you listen until it stops. It’s not just their lead singer Will Steil’s easy confidence or their perfectly peppy backing. It’s all of it together, and it’s only that much more impressive to hear it all mesh so well.

Rebel Light Impresses With Thoughtful Lyrics

Their track “Where Did All the Love Go” is a great example of everything The Rebel Light has going for them.

With lyrics like, “I’m my own worst enemy inside my head / She’s the devil in disguise / But She’s perfect in your eyes / I’m my own worst enemy in the end” in between catchy beats and riffs, it’s impossible to not be engrossed in it.

And The Rebel Light wrote way more than just one fantastic song.

This whole album demands to be listened to. A Hundred Summer Days features so many thoughtful verses, like  “Only time can mend your heart” and “everyone’s a soldier dying in vain” mixed in there while still playing with such cheerful demeanors.

It’s really sensational to hear them write so much raw truth into these songs. Especially since it’s still so easy to cheerfully dance along to.

The only disappointing thing that this EP gives us is the ending. And that’s not saying it was a bad ending (if you can’t tell, I’m pretty into it), but that it ends is in itself like the last day of a summer that passed too fast.

A Hundred Summer Days is summer embodied and I’m eating it right up.

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