Riff Diamond Bringing Blues-Rock Back With ‘Sapphire’

Riff Diamond

When there is real passion for music involved in a band, not much else matters. Differences and discrepancies will fade away with each practice. A band that is allowed to develop organically will form a tight bond. Distractions will not happen when the goals and dedication of each band member are perfectly aligned. This is what it seems we have discovered in our recent find Riff Diamond.

The contemporary blues-rock band hails from Northern Ireland where a real resurgence of the genre has been taking shape. It is widespread as seen in the diversity of the members of Riff Diamond including an age spread of 27 years from the youngest to oldest. The band consists of Becky on vocals, Conal at guitar, Dom on bass, and John behind the drums.  Each member brings their own distinct piece to the complete puzzle that is Riff Diamond. Their true love of creating music and entertaining crowds is evident very quickly.

The aim of Riff Diamond is to embody the “old-fashioned” values of well-crafted melodies, harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and virtuoso musicianship.  The current ‘fake’ pop music scene has hit its peak and is ready for a new direction led by these rising stars.

Riff Diamond has recently released their debut album titled Sapphire”. The 11 track album is a solid mix of energetic originals and classic covers with their own unique spin.

Right from the opener “Shadow Man” and its guitar vs. bass intro, you know you are in for something huge. When the powerful vocals of Becky Baxter come in it will put you back in your seat with your jaw dropped. This is blues rock at its best.  



An even more advanced sound is heard on “Diamond Heart”. Here the band allows each instrument to resonate with the listener in an elegant and personal way. Strong production lets each piece stand on its own and yet blend beautifully. On the other hand, the bluesy bite of “Kick In The Teeth” lets you know right away what Riff Diamond has in mind. The grinding guitars lead the way with a grueling melody and then an explosive solo to smack you right in the teeth. “Phoenix” is another track that will grab and shake you until it is ready to be done with you. Hold on tight!

The band lets Becky’s vocals take the lead on “I Promise You” with periods of just her smoky and sultry voice filling the speakers. Strong, powerful, and unique. The groove takes the front on “Love Hate” with a frolicking rhythm dragging you along for a funky ride.

Riff Diamond also throws some unique covers on the record with their version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and the closer “Hey Joe” made famous by Jimi Hendrix. Even though these are well-known songs, Riff Diamond makes them all theirs with an energy and passion that is second to none.

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