Rockford Road Takes us on The Road to Sabittis

Rockford Road

The classic rock style of music is called classic for a reason. The straight-up guitar, bass, drums, and maybe some keyboards make for a sound that is instantly recognizable and often relatable. There is something to be said about the band that keeps in this vein without venturing into experimentation just to be different. A good example of this classic rock sound is our recent discovery Rockford Road.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the band is was put together by Bob Mahan. A veteran of the classic rock scene, Bob used to play bass for George Thorogood, but now plays lead guitar and synths. For Rockford Road, he brought in Mike Lara – guitar, Tom Wisneski – Bass, Jim Davidson – drums and percussion, as well as Victoria Cottrell – vocals, and Paul Marquez – saxophone from time to time. Together they bring an interesting mix of Americana and Classic rock to life. The goal of the band is to tell stories and share their life experiences through music.

Recently Rockford Road released their full-length album Road To Sabattis. The 12 track record hits all the right notes leading to an enjoyable journey down memory lane with stories and a soundtrack to match.

Right from the opener “Best Woman I Never Knew” we know we are going to get to live in the heart and mind of a songwriter. The lyrics paint a picture in our mind as the beat keeps us going splattered with guitar and sax solos to keep classic rock alive. On “Isn’t It Great” the love story continues as the music mellows out keeping us in tune.

Rockford Road Brings Back the Best Of Classic Rock

The title track “Road To Sabattis” takes quite the turn. The instrumental track puts out a darker vibe even without the use of lyrics. The musicianship of Rockford Road is put on full display here.

The vocal talents of Victoria Cottrell are featured on “Feels Like Rain”. Her sultry voice mesmerizes over the elegant yet dark tone put forth by some alto saxophone and synth. The full sonic palette is filled with sound to wash over the listener.

The album closes with “Jeffy’s Key Mobile”, an interesting take on Americana with a hint of Blues. The experimentation of the guitar leads us to new heights while the classic cowbell keeps us grounded firmly in classic rock.

Dive into Rockford Road for yourself and live the best of the past with a modern edge pushing you forward.

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