ROOM 11 bring the party to “We All Fall Down’


ROOM11 are coming out swinging for their debut single, “We All Fall Down”. Birthed during the pandemic, good fiends Robbie Pinnetto (guitars) and Chrisy Finn (vocals) decided to put their musical talents together to form this rocking partnership. They began by taking their music around London. The reviews they received were great, and they were gathering themselves a loyal fanbase. Their fans compare the duos sound to the likes of Royal Blood, Slaves, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Now, ROOM11 are ready to get their music out for the world to hear. “We All Fall Down” is an anthemic outing that Finn says, “For me, it’s about carrying on through hard times, picking up the pieces when everything falls apart and putting them back together again. It’s also about letting go when it’s time”. If the song is not impactful enough, they have created a fantastic video to accompany it. It had some eventful moments, as Pinnetto recalls, “We had loads of fun, but in the very last scene. I fell off my skateboard trying to avoid a pedestrian and broke my wrist. It stopped me playing guitar for two months!”.

From the moment you press play, the drums and guitars slap you in the face to tell you ROOM11 is here! If their energy had a volume, they start this track at max. The guitars and drums (provided by Luca Volpi on this release) dance around each other to create an infectious soundtrack to get and keep the party rockin’. It doesn’t take long for Finn to join in with his vocals. He delivers them in an anthemic manner as, “You build your stickle bricks, You build your lot / They can’t kiss and tell ’cause it’s all we’ve got / Or take it down ’cause it’s all over” can testify. 

As the song progress, each verse teases in sound as it builds up for the hook. When it arrives, the guys explode with the infectious lines, “Whoo hooo, we all fall down / Whoo hooo, we all fall down, hey!”. Like many earworms, it is simple to sing along. But impactful enough to find yourself singing it long after hearing it. There is a constant battle between vocals and music on which one steals the spotlight the most. However, both are equally integral parts of what makes this ROOM11 engine roar so loud.

ROOM11 bring the right kinda noise for their anthemic track ‘We All Fall Down’

There is nothing forgettable about “We All Fall Down”. Even the subtle delivery of the bridge by Finn stands out. Even with the simple lines of, “Right / Now / Scream, Ooh, ooh, ooh!”. They ensure they have the listener in the palm of their hands as they use the hook to close out the song. It is a moment guaranteed to get any crowd singing along with the band. As it ends, it will make you thirsty for more. Luckily, there are more new tracks in the works and a debut album. If they aren’t already, this is a band that WILL be talked about for all the right reasons. Tell your friends, ROOM11 are here!

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