ROOM11 new single tells us about ‘All She Wants’


Stop the press ROOM11 are back! The partnership of Robbie Pinnetto (guitars) and Chrisy Finn (vocals) have already showcased their talents on their debut single, “We All Fall Down”, a full-throttle rock track with swagger, matched by vocals with attitude. It comes together to create an anthemic track that makes you sing along to its hook. And now, the guys have returned with their latest single, “All She Wants”.

You’d be wrong if you thought ROOM11 would ease off the throttle with this new release. As it begins, Pinnetto unleashes his guitar with a rip-roaring rock riff. Shortly after, the thunderous drums and Finn’s vocals join the fun. He starts the party by repeating, “That’s all she wants”. As he does, the chemistry between the music and his voice creates more of this band’s infectious energy. These guys know how to rock out, and we love it!

With such a big-hitting intro, what else do the guys have up their sleeves? Finn delivers the first verse (as well as the others) with attitude and swagger. It helps to enrich the anthemic mood even more. He shows off this quality by powering out, “Down down down you feel it / Like you’ve not before / Reach up for each other / Take it, own my soul it’s yours”. Then, after each verse, he repeats the line (and hook), “That’s all she wants”. It may be simple, but this earworm will have you singing along before you know it. But a warning, you’ll be singing it long after the song has stopped. 

WARNING! ‘All She Wants’ is a rock anthem by ROOM11 that will have you singing, you like it or not.

The song hits you with a continuous one-two combo with its verse and hook. As the song approaches its final moments, it offers a mesmerising instrumental section, with Pinnetto’s guitar stealing the stoplight. Afterwards, Finn keeps this runaway train going until the end by repeating, “Dance, let’s keep it rock and rolling / All you need is sweet, sweet luvin’ / Sensual, mystique, and money / That’s it baby give me honey”. And when it stops, you are left wanting more, just like their debut track.

By now, we can all agree on how good “All She Wants” sounds. As a bonus, they have created a fun video to accompany it. It features the world-famous Burlesque/vampire model Dani Divine. As for what’s next for this duo, there is more to come. There are plans for more singles to follow and whispers of an EP/album in the works. By the quality of the music so far, this new music can not come quickly enough. If you want music that is a rockin’ good time, look no further than ROOM11.

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