IBG Premiere – ‘Sad Girls’ by Kyle Ekstrom

Sad Girls

Indie Band Guru is proud to premiere the newest single ‘Sad Girls’ from alt-rock singer-songwriter Kyle Ekstrom. The track features warm guitars and gravelly vocals creating a sonic warm embrace. Ekstrom leaves his listeners flying high with the courage to overcome anything they may be struggling with.

Kyle Ekstrom draws influence from post-hardcore, indie pop, electronic and acoustic elements, which are all found in his music. Formerly the frontman of post-hardcore band To Trust A Liar, he has released several singles as a solo artist, which featured Jonny Craig, Mike Champaand Kurt Travis. His debut EP titled “Youngblood” was released February 9, 2018

According to Kyle Ekstrom “This song to me could be about anyone. Anyone that constantly struggles with something and lets that something take over them constantly. I wrote it as a note from me being an outsider seeing another person’s situation on social media. Seeing that person’s struggle and how much they fed that wolf all the time and let it take over them. The song itself is an observation and a message to say, “Hey, this isn’t as bad as you’re making it and you can figure this out. You can do this.” I think from a different perspective anyone could take something away from this song. Maybe it could remind them like a tap on the shoulder too that sometimes we just let our problems seem more scary or difficult when they aren’t at all.”

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