Saints Of Bliss – Softer Single Ready For The World

The first stepping stone in any band’s career should be to make themselves well known locally.  Here is where you can build up your image and set up the brand you will be exposing to your potential fans.  When the locals love you then you can bring your band and music to a wider audience.  With the help of the internet the size of the audience is almost unlimited.  We recently discovered Saints Of Bliss who are now taking their sound to the word.

Saints Of Bliss

The threesome originally from South Africa has now picked up and moved to Edinburgh in the United Kingdom to give them a wider audience and better opportunities.  Together since 2008, Dr. Groove, Juno, and Henk have developed a melodic indie rock sound that welcomes the listener into their world.  So far the Saints Of Bliss have produced & released 2 albums, of which 5 singles reached #1 on several radio stations around South Africa.  The goal of the band seems to be showing people the way, through their actions and lifestyle, to a whole and satisfied way of life. Saints of Bliss represent a new generation of music artists; they represent a generation who choose to be different, those who stand out above the crowd & make their voices heard.


The latest single by the band is the track “What Are We Fighting For”.  On this one the guys show off their softer side with beautiful harmonies and a laid-back melody that creates a warm and fuzzy feeling for the listener.  There is passion and emotion here that shows just what kind of people The Saints Of Bliss are.  They welcome you deep into their thoughts and fears and allow you to become part of the healing process.  

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