Yukbeats – Kiwi Producer Ready To Make You Move


For any artist to develop their own voice and sound they must take pieces of all their influences and make it different.  We never just want to be a copy of what we heard in the past but there must be a base for it all.  Blending a variety of genres is is the basis for the sound of new artist Yukbeats.

Hailing from the somewhat musically isolated country of New Zealand the producer and DJ learned of his passion for music at an early age.  Yukbeats was drawn to house music and hip hop as well as Soul and R&B.  Since then he has been hard at work fusing these influences together to form the unique kiwihouse sound that Yukbeats has become known for.  This versatility somehow draws in listeners of all these different genres into this new mix.  

Yukbeats shares new Kiwihouse sound


The newest single by Yukbeats has been getting major attention with over 89,000 plays and counting so far.  There is a definite house vibe heard here that will get asses moving on any dance floor.  The vocal talents of Jonathan Robins were brought in here to add even more likeability and relatability to the track.  The melody will instantly stick in your head and will be bouncing around in there way after the song is over.  There is something about this track that seems to be appealing to everyone.  Yukbeats is on to something big and we are glad we can get on this bandwagon early.

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