Black Realz – Ready For Smooth Battle

Black Realz

The underground scene of battle-rap and the competitions it has spawned has had its brief moments in the sun with short stints on MTV and in some big movies.  The fun is still alive and well in many urban areas where kids can get together and hear talented rappers go at it.  One name that is known to win these battles is recent find Black Realz.

It all started at the tender age of 12 when Black Realz, a.k.a. “Lyrikal Tha Infamous” started to get involved in music in his Church performing Christian Raps alongside his choir mates.  Soon after he learned that his ear had a keen way of developing beats and rhythms.  Black Realz keeps an open mind to all styles of music to form his own original style from a blend of the best parts of them.  

Through the last 6 years of his rising career Black Realz has had the chance to open for some big names such as Too-Short, Bad Azz and Ms. Toi to name a few.  He continues to perform as much as possible to get his sound out to the world.  

The latest single by Black Realz is “Real One” featuring Lt. Wigglez.  The smooth hip hop track has a mellow R&B feel to the beat but the lyrical delivery is strong and powerful.  There is definitely a skilled wordsmith at work here.  The flows will get your attention.

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