Sarah McGowan’s Storytelling is a True Tour de Force in EP “A Little Intimate”

Emerging pop artist Sarah McGowan released a riveting EP in June titled A Little Intimate. The EP is  comprised of five beautifully written and performed tracks: “It Felt Good”, “Chasing Storms”, “Riding in Cars With Men”, “Just a Ghost” and “Leave You Lonely.” Each song on the album captivates listeners from the first note as we are drawn into her beautifully told stories. Sarah’s music is truly a tour de force as she blends pop, electric and country genres harmoniously. The EP opens with “It felt Good” as she sings “I’m your Bonnie in the passenger side. Devil on my shoulder along for the ride.” Sarah’s ability to paint relationships and car rides so vividly carries through the rest of the tracks as listeners can place themselves wherever her lyrics choose to take them.

A Rapidly Growing Name in the Music Industry

Sarah McGowan’s vocals are incredibly powerful with each track showing off her impressive range more than the next. Compared to the likes of Sarah Barielles and Ingrid Michaelson, Darah McGowan is an important name to know in the music industry. Her songs are rapidly catching the attention of fans and major publications across the nation. Sarah is signed with Sweets & Pop Music and she co-produced her EP. 

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As a songwriter, Sarah’s storytelling ability is leagues ahead of many. She consistently produces high quality music that is not only catchy, but undeniably relatable for listeners. A Little Intimate gives fans a front row seat to her intimate stories that she delivers with such passion and honesty in every note. It is so evident throughout A Little Intimate as well as her other music just how dedicated Sarah McGowan is to her music. If you’re as hooked on Sarah as we are, be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel and Soundcloud and check out her official website. You can also find her all over social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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