Sayed Sabrina is No ‘Goodie Two Shoes’

Sayed Sabrina

Sayed Sabrina hits a left-field home run on the new single “Goodie Two Shoes,” because it’s made from a hit winning formula of the past done with a modern twist. Myself not being familiar with any of her work, had to do some research and suddenly I’m watching her open for the Temptations and other surprises on the internet. After doing so I realized this is a veteran artist with a lot more to offer than reviewing a single release can give proper credit to. It’s important to look beyond that one thing to describe in order to familiarize one with the artist, or it’s like reviewing a stranger for the most part. 

The voice of Sayed Sabrina is fabulous and the musicians she works with are all on par with the same excellence she professionally conveys to the world. She has a very strong voice and singing presence to go with it, and all the material I’ve heard is quality produced. And, it also kind of makes you wonder why you’ve never heard of someone when they’ve actually been out there enough, which makes anyone glad to opine about their new release. “Goodie Two Shoes” is of the standard in which any blues, pop and rock artist would be proud.

She made a name for herself in the blues world with Big Boy Blues, an immense international success now in its 3rd printing. She’s also shared the stage with the likes of B.B. King, Los Lobos, Jimmy Cliff, Dr. John, Leon Russell, The Temptations, and The Motels. For that, she is no stranger to the music industry, she is well known in her own circles and still coming up with fantastic music, as “Goodie Two Shoes” proves to be in every way. But she should also be introduced to a wider audience and her latest album has that written all over it.

I like this artist and-also recommend hearing more of her music to fully appreciate this single track and video. In fact, if you watch the video it’s hard to not get into Sayed Sabrina and check out what more there is because that’s how I did it and people tend to in today’s music discovery culture. It’s worth bringing to anyone’s attention, as “Goodie Two Shoes” itself has the power to do, but don’t miss anything else she’s been cooking on-the whole it is all great stuff. 

Good blues, rock, funk, and jazz are what drives this song, and it’s a blend of perfection that Sabrina has always contained and continues to do so with the utmost soul and freshness. And the video for this song also has the insight into what it’s all about and shows the entire R&B atmosphere in the studio. But the overall consensus is that she is good and so is “Goodie Two Shoes” and all the players seen in the video. This is world class music at its finest, and while her voice doesn’t sound like Chaka Khan, she is on the same level of singers like her and others of the 70s and 80s.

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