Scott Lloyd

The journey into music began at an early age for Scott Lloyd. Growing up in the northern town of Middlesbrough, he developed a love for the art thanks to his father. He soon began to learn the guitar after being inspired by singer-songwriters such as Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel.

Since 2013, Lloyd has been working hard honing his songwriting skills. It has seen him self release six EP’s and perform throughout the UK. All of this has resulted in a reputation for blending personal lyrics with catchy flowing melodies. Now he has teamed up with indie label Aardvark records for his self-titled debut album.

This release covers a lot of topics which include relationships, love, friendships, mental health, loneliness, growing up, loss and family. When talking about his new project, he says “I wanted to create an album that the listener could listen to straight through -feel like they have spent time with me and enable them to understand more as to what makes me tick. This is an album of songs that could only come from my voice.”

The album begins with the infectious “Soothe My Soul”. Its upbeat energy and singalong chorus gives this release an impactful start. It does not take long before you join in with its hook “While I’m waiting / While I’m waiting / While I’m waiting / For you to come home / Come on home / And Soothe My Soul / You Soothe My Soul”.

Following up is “To Lose Someone” which slows the mood down. It also provides the listener with the first glimpse of the lyrical depth that Lloyd can deliver. He shows off this talent from the start with the lines “Laying in my bed last night / Staring at the ceiling feeling lost, sad and blue / I look to my left and see your tears / Streaming down your face”.

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“Searching” and the highly impressive “Living In The Dark” continue to show off his lyrical gift. However, it is when we arrive at “Looking Out to Sea” this is when his way with words excel.  This tale is about the younger days of this artist while in his hometown of Middlesbrough. He sets the stage with “I was brought up in a small town / Where the floodlights flicker and the factories have closed down”.  The rest of the story talks about various moments as he grows up. This leads to the moment “And now I’m sixteen and I’m falling in love / I learned the guitar, found music like hand in glove”.

Scott Lloyd’s debut album shows off his honest and personal songwriting talents

Next up is a personal highlight “Caught in the Rain”. This beautiful little story is about a couple looking to get away from it all. He sets the scene with the opening lyrics “Can we get away for a bit / I’m sick of looking at the same old tip / The Lake District ain’t far / We can take the train”. These words and locations show how he is fearless to inject a part of himself within his art. This along with his gentle vocals give this song a charm that is difficult to resist.

“Down to Earth” has great little harmonica intro which sets up a slight Americana tone. Its tale is about that special someone who keeps your feet on the ground. Nothing reflects this more than the lines “But your smile brings me back down to earth / And your smile brings me home”. “My Peace” closes the album with yet another display of his captivating storytelling.

Overall, this is easily the best collection of songs that Scott Lloyd has assembled. His music has matured and has given his outstanding lyrics talent a soundtrack they deserve. If you are looking for a genuine writing style with moments that you can relate to. This self-titled album by Scott Lloyd is for you!

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