Carina T Is Ready To Get ‘Inside Your Mind’ With IBG Premiere

Carina T

The road to a career in music is often a winding one with many sidetracks and roadblocks. This is on purpose to wean out the people that do not have the true passion and devotion to the craft. Our recent discovery Carina T is a testament to the power of music. Life will move forward but the passion for creating music will never give up on a talented artist.  

It all began for the pop-rock singer-songwriter when she first started singing in a rock band at the age of 15 in her hometown of Madeira Island. Although she was passionate about music, Carina T was pushed towards the ‘real’ world and decided to become a psychologist. She would be brought to London to obtain her PhD and Boston, Massachusetts for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship. All the while, music passion was burning just under the surface. After returning to London in 2017, Carina T realized that she could no longer hold back the allure of music and started recording her own songs.

The music inside Carina T is now escaping

After late last year releasing her first single “Too Real,” Today Carina T is now back with with the follow up “Inside Your Mind.” The track is a pop rock attack that demands attention. It covers the subject of people today not being willing to express their true feelings, as they are afraid of becoming vulnerable, and how that can be dealt with.

After a dark and minimal introduction with minor chords and vocals, the song builds to a big sing along chorus. The slow-fast dynamic of the verse-chorus transition keeps the listener paying attention to each lyric. The chorus is catchy right from the bat and will stick around your mind long after the song is over. Keep up with more from Carina T HERE.

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