Listen to Septic Tank Shake Society by ‘Rotting Civilisation’

septic tank

Septic Tank is an explosive roller coaster of a hardcore four-piece, originally formed in 1994.


Haven’t heard of them? No worries. Haven’t heard their ear-shattering, heart-splitting, rancid, anguishing debut record, and why it took 20 years to release? No worries there, either. Though up until now, you have been missing out on the creative underground culmination that is Rotting Civilisation.


Some Things Take Two Decades


Back in 1994, a number of doom metal anthems were thrown into the wind by then-newly formed Septic Tank. Flash forward from location, life, and logistics, and there you would find the dormant group, itching to get back into the studio and melt more faces. Now, from an EP in 2013 comes their first full-length, a devastating outcry of noise. Rotting Civilisation is 18 tracks of venom, obscenity, and brash fury. Opening with self-titled single “Septic Tank,” the first two minutes of the record is enough to get a taste of the direct belligerence that carries the album.

“Septic Tank” is an anthem of anger and accepting recklessness. The instinctive writing in the lyrics is detectable, pissed off, and creates the vibe. The song is fast-moving, not waiting for anyone to catch up. There’s no better way to describe the band itself, validating its apt name.


“Digging Your Own Grave” and “Treasures of Disease” are just two other tracks on the album that offer a matching vital impulse. There’s always something to be angry at, and these three songs let you fester in that emotion that could be dormant as the band once was.


Septic Tank Brings It Full Circle


Personally, the song that diverts most from the formula of the heavy, thrilling record is “Danger Signs.” Not because it lacks in delinquency or noise core. Rather, there’s an eerie echo vibe along the signs, almost as if the record is silent. To me, the song shows the diversity of the record, a true stand out.


And now that Septic Tank is back from the dead, there’s no way they’re going dormant again anytime soon. There’s plans to keep the relinquishing momentum up, do more shows and release more records. From the already growing reception of Rotting Civilisation, I envision a nasty future of destruction and vitality from the group.

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