Skout Raising Funding for Sophomore EP


Strap in tight ‘cause Brooklyn bred, indie folk singer/songwriter duo Skout is set to fund a new EP on Kickstarter this week.

Skout — composed of Laura Valk and Connor Gladney — is a group that definitely should top your list of up and coming indie folk artists this year. Valk has masterfully crafted a rather novel sound forged from a shameless blend of bluegrass and folk, and consistently lays an angelically smooth voice over solid lyricism and meticulous production.

Skout an NYC Powerhouse

Skout has assembled an outstanding set of live performances, including a few sold out shows in esteemed music venues across New York City. She utilizes a unique and cunning charm as she belts harmoniously over Gladney’s acoustic guitars and simple bass drum rhythms. It sounds as if she’s actually cracking a smile with every word she vocalizes on each track, and it’s hard not to smile right along with her.

As a quickly emerging artist out of a big city like Brooklyn, you have to find ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. With lyrical storytelling that’s not necessarily atypical of the indie folk genre, she was forced into finding other ways to do so.

With the help of intricately woven instrumentation alongside a very distinct set of tactically placed rifts and a true sense of devout compassion for her audience, Skout has dug herself comfortably into a snug little niche — and it’s just a matter of time ‘till she breaks out in a big way.

At just 23, she’s already got substantial stage experience and a wonderfully distinctive style. With your support, Skout has plenty of time to continue to grow and fashion her raw talent into the career path of her choosing. Her 2014 album Again Anew showed quite a bit of promise. The new EP is being kept under wraps for now (though “Sting,” embedded above, is a possibility), but we’re sure to see pure excellence.

Skout has talent, charm, and most importantly an honest love for what she creates. Odds are you’ll give her a listen and fall in love after the first chorus. I know I did.

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