Social Circle Launches New Video For “Changes”

Social Circle Changes

There is a new yet nostalgic pop sound rising from the South. We have been keeping close tabs on one of the most interesting and entertaining bands, Social Circle. We had the chance to interview the band a while back (read it HERE). Now they are back with their music video for “Changes”

Social Circle might be one of the South’s best-kept secrets. Hailing from Lafayette, LA, they have honed an extremely polished pop sound and an electric live show that’s infectious to audiences of any genre. They’ve shared the stage with many national acts and are attracting the best musical tastemakers out there.

With a flair for nostalgic synth-pop reminiscent of the 80’s, Social Circle puts a modern twist on a classic sound with their new video for “Changes”.

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Directed by acclaimed cinematographer, J.P. Summers (Owl City), the video and song showcases a fun, yet introspective theme of being confident about one’s own unique characteristics.

Vocalist Matthew McElveen says about the video, “Changes” is meant to be this empowering anthem. The song and the video present this idea that the small, annoying things don’t matter, and that, if you let yourself be confident enough, you can make the entire world your own runway. And, better yet, if you follow the paths you want, you can wind up in just the right place with the right people that make you feel invincible.”

If Social Circle keeps moving at this pace, we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the mainstream. Don’t forget you heard them on Indie Band Guru first!


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