Someones Friend – Elegant Acoustic Songwriting

Someones Friend

If a song is written well there does not need to be over production or a multitude of instruments to fill out the sound.  A strong song can stand on its own in the acoustic setting with good vocals.  Our recent find Someones Friend is proving this very easily.

The 3 piece band based in Pasadena is representing the relaxing Southern California vibe quite well.  Someones Friend consists of front woman Ronja Petersen, originally from Denmark, and guitarists Michael Marigliano and Bret Hammer both native Californians.  Together they form a cohesive unit that presents an acoustic sound that touches on the singer-songwriter, folk, and pop genres.  There is no big sound that the band needs to push in your face.  All their songs use just a couple acoustic guitars, their voices, and the occasional light percussion.  Some influences for the Someones Friend sound can be heard in artists such as The Civil Wars, KT Tunstall and even pop darling Ed Sheeran.  

We all want to be Someones Friend

The debut offering by the group is the Long Way Home EP released in March.  The beautiful lead single “Long Way Home” lets you know that Someones Friend is here to bring you happy, yet emotional songs.  The elegantly plucked guitar creates a pretty melody for Ronja’s smooth and soft voice to lay on top of.  As the track builds so does the energy and pace.  Even with the speed adjustment the beauty remains as the band seems to call for the listener to sing along and become part of the story.  

There is definitely something here that could resonate with the listener seeking beauty and relaxation.  Dive in for yourself at:

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