Sometimes Julie Wants To Know ‘Where Are You?’

Sometimes Julie

A good band will never stop growing and developing their sound. Often times it takes new members coming into the fray to freshen things up and bring a band to the next level. Always keep the door open for the right bandmate to come in and be a spark that creates something great. Our recent discovery Sometimes Julie has taken this to heart as the band developed over the past 10 years. Now complete they are ready to release their 4th album to the fans.

A chance collaboration back in 2012 between songwriters Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker got the ball rolling and Sometimes Julie was born. Through the years the San Diego rock band added Berklee-grad Bruce Paul Allen (bassist/co-writer), San Diego music scene legend Anthony Sarain (keyboards, sax, flute), hair metal refugee Alberto Moreno (lead guitar), and SD stalwart Dave Fuller (drums). Together they have reached the peak of original hard-driving rock with deep-seated blues and Americana influences.

The final day of 2020 say the release of Sometimes Julie’s newest record Where Are You? Over the 12 track album the band truly comes together. From Sorenson’s distinctive voice and provocative lyrics, to Moreno’s aggressive guitar, to Allen’s melodic bass, to Sarain’s sublime sax, to Fuller’s rock-steady drums, to Walker’s intricate arrangements, there is something here to really grab any listener.

‘She Can’t Kiss You’ by Sometimes Julie

The grimy rocker opener “She Cant Kiss You” sets the tone. All styles of rock come in to provide that wakeup to get your blood flowing. The driving energy continues on “If Only” as the steady beat pushes forward while Sorenson’s vocals drip with emotion. We get even more emotional on “As Good A Day As Any” with Sometimes Julie slowing it down. This one is a delicate and soul-searching track that allows the listener to take a minute to sit back and let the feelings flow.

The energy turns back up with “Counterpart” and the somewhat confusingly titled “Quiet.” Horns flair up here to take the lead and add another layer to the album. The switches in this one will keep you guessing where they are going next.

We are brought to a smoky jazz blues club with the elegant “Love Me Gently.” Sometimes Julie seems to go wherever they want and any listener is glad to go for the ride. This freedom allows the band to flow throughout the album. For the closer “Count My Lucky Stars,” they get back to their straight up rock ‘n roll attitude but within their own unique way. Everything just comes together in a way that draws the listener to a point of wanting more.

Keep an eye and ear out for more from Sometimes Julie on their WEBSITE.

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