Top 10 Songs About Gambling

Songs About Gambling

Creative people like musicians have always found a way to reflect the most important things not only in their lives but in other peoples’ lives. These important aspects of life include love, money, health, and even gambling. Whether you are a fan of country music, rock or Hip-hop, there is a betting anthem for you out there. You’ve listened to or read about them in magazines, newspapers, or online articles.

1.     Casino Boogie — Rolling Stones

It’s very difficult to find a playlist without the Stones. As you play this track, you’ll realize that its lyrics do not have clear references to gambling. But, the singers used to go to casinos as they recorded the album. Meaning that the minimum deposit casino experience had some impact on the final result.

2.     The Gambler — Kenny Rogers

This is one of the popular tracks that has played out clearly about the top 10 online casinos Australia. Kenny Rogers left an indelible mark not only in the music industry but also in the gambling industry.

3.     Viva Las Vegas — Elvis

I doubt there is a song that captures the glamour and aliveness of Las Vegas more than Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas. Most people don’t play this song today. This gives you the chance to listen to one of the best tracks ever made by the king himself. In addition, the popularity of songs can add fun and coziness when playing Non-Gamstop Casinos in the UK 2023, and this is often used to create a pleasant interior and atmosphere for guests. 

4.     Go Down Gambling — Blood Sweat and Tears

This song amazingly blends jazz and 70s RnB. It’s very unlikely that tuba solos would have gone for rock n roll before Blood Sweat and Tears came along. It’s such an amazing track with an all or nothing mentality towards betting.

5.     The Jack — AC/DC

AC/DC has been more straight and crude with their lyrics about gambling than the name of the song which is Australian slang for a sexually transmitted disease. The beats and the vocals are just amazing. In Australia you can use aus no deposit bonus to get started.

6.     Gambler’s Blues — B.B King

Just like other B.B King tracks, the live version of this song is sweeter than the studio version. This song is not entirely focused on gambling but the recreation of wagering. You are going to love this song especially if you are an avid gambler.

7.     Gamblin’ Man- Lonnie Donegan

This song was written by Lonnie Donegan and Woody Guthrie. Since its release in 1957, it still sounds great in most people’s ears and hearts. You might find this song playing in your head in the office or at the grocery store.

8.     Black Queen — Stephen Stills

If you’ve ever wondered who the most underrated guitar player in the ’70s was, you’ve found the answer today. Unlike other gambling songs, this song is not open to interpretation because Stephen confirms its subject with a clear opening line. 

9.     Townes van Zandt—– St John the Gambler

If you are an avid gambler, you’ll understand what this song is all about. Even if you’re not a gambler, you’ll get the message between the lines. Apart from poker and card games, you’ll learn about the importance of perseverance.

10. The Angel and the Gambler—– Iron Maiden

The general tone and message of the song are not only catchy but uplifting. This song was released back in 1998 and it continues to entertain the majority of gamblers across the world.


When you want to relax after a long hard day at the office or after playing your favorite casino games, these are the best songs for you. Just because a song contains gambling names like Las Vegas or Poker doesn’t mean it’s all about gambling. After all, is said and done, your ears and heart will decide everything.

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