Sonny B. Gould Stores Your Darkness in ‘Night Safe’

Sonny B Gould

In what has been one of the most difficult years in history, fortunately there has been inspiration and music written to help us with the chaotic feelings we have experienced. Our recent find Sonny B. Gould has just released an album that provides such an outlet. 

Even with a seemingly simple artist name, Sonny B Gould is actually the persona of a musical duo. The Ohio based project consists of singer-songwriter Gray McClary and Evan Offenberger on drums. The band formed in 2016 and released their debut album Heartworn Blues in 2017. 

Now Sonny B. Gould is back with an album of desolate love songs titled Night Safe. It is also affectionately known as A Place to Store Your Darkness. The 10 track record was recorded independently with RTD Audio, a recording studio in Ohio. 

With this release, Sonny B. Gould hopes to offer a place where negative feelings can be confronted and stowed away. It also follows a loose narrative between the two characters Sonny and Sophie, two lovers weathering a global cataclysm. The opener “Don’t Wait For Me” sets the tone with a stripped down guitar line sitting behind emotionally delivered lyrics. This minimalistic approach draws the listener in close. “Caretaker” begins to tell the romantic story with some positivity and hope. 

Let Sonny B. Gould Be Your ‘Caretaker’

An interestingly pretty guitar melody takes the lead on “She’s A Pill” as the vocals weave in and out. Memories of the Elliot Smith style come to mind. “Underneath It All” continues within this vibe. Pretty, emotional, and dark. This darkness is felt in romance as well within “Sonny + Sophia.”

There is an upturn in the energy on “All My Sunshine.” The chugging guitar and straight ahead drum beat picks up the pace as well creating the climax of the album. The closer “Reaching Mind” slows it back down with an offbeat and off tuned guitar crafting the vibe at the start of the song before the uptick gets the heart pumping. A wobbly sound provides the soundtrack to what our hearts are now doing. This track seems to mix the feeling of the full album all into one 4 and a half minute journey. 

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