The Spectors to Release Album ‘Ooh Aah Aah’

The Spectors

Belgium based dream pop band The Spectors released their second album, Ooh Aah Aahtoday.


The first track, “Borderline” serves as the introduction to the album, starting off with oohs and aahs that inspired the title of the album. “Borderline” was the first song The Spectors released from this album. The song uses heavier guitars than on the rest of this album, but maintains the light, dreamy sound that singer Marieke Hutesbaut’s vocals help create. 

The Spectors Create an Immersive World


Each song on Ooh Aah Aah maintains a similar pace, but never feels slow. Each song flows easily into the next, and collectively create an atmosphere that lets The Spectors show off their very consistent sound. Each of the 11 songs on this album are just about three minutes long. This moves the album along quickly, and keeps the listener immersed in The Spectors’ music.


One of the highlights of the album is the band’s second single, and third song on the album, “Only You.” The simplicity of the lyrics are where this song’s strengths lie. The lyric “there’s only you” is repeated multiple times in each chorus. The guitar and drums draw the listener in. This, combined with Hutesbaut’s voice, create a song that is easy to get lost in. The song depicts a personal relationship, but it is made extremely relatable by these lyrics.

The two songs “Leader of the Pack” and “Be My Baby” change up the tone of the album. The majority of Ooh Aah Aah is light and breezy, but these songs divert into a slightly faster and more intense sound. This changes up the pace of the album, and gives the listener more to hear, and adds dimension to the album as a whole.


The album’s final song is a bonus track entitled “Clyde & Bonnie,” with a bright upbeat tone. The song is contrasted with some darker lyrics, but still leaves the album with upbeat guitars, closing out Ooh Aah Aah in a way that feels complete.


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