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Steady Tek-Nick

Music genres definitely move faster in certain parts of the world over others.  The music community will take in a style and nurture it to the mainstream while other areas barely take notice.  As an artist you must try to stay aware of all the happenings in music throughout the world.  Sometimes, as in the case of Steady Tek-Nick, it even requires relocating.

The man, also known as Nick Anthony Israel, originally hails from Haiti.  As a child there Steady Tek-Nick was exposed to a lot of live band music and developed a great affinity for melodies of the region.  Keeping his ears open to rising musical styles he was drawn to Hip Hop and more specifically the power of Rap to act as a form of expression.  Steady Tek-Nick had plenty of rebellious passion and anger to work out so this fit perfectly for him.  

Although Hip Hop had stamped its presence firmly in the music world, it was not yet truly accepted as an art form in Haiti in the late 1990s and early 2000s—mainly not in Kreyol, the native language.  At this point Steady Tek-Nick made the bold decision to up and move to the heart of Hip Hop, New York City.  He dedicated himself to studying audio engineering as well as contributing to the culture. After obtaining a degree in music production and sound engineering he opened his own studio, That’s That Volume, to aid in developing his personal music style even more.

Steady Tek-Nick Helping To Innovate the Rap Sound

Earlier this year, Steady Tek-Nick released his impressive album Gawd On Fleek.  The lead single “Dear Momma” really sticks out for its originality and emotions contained within.  The beat creeps almost eerily in the background letting the focus be on the lyrics that are out to tell a personal story.  The lyrical flow is quite unique drawing in the listener to see where the song will go next.  This is music to make you feel something and that is exactly what Steady Tek-Nick does here.  

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