Steph Brown

Singer-songwriter Steph Brown has been busy assembling a new collection of songs. She has described them as “a raw and unapologetic confession of the journey. From a turbulent childhood, the survival of grief, addiction and neglect. To the ‘Surfacing’ from these experiences learning happiness, love and how to navigate the normalities of life”.  

These emotionally charged lyrics do have a positive message within them. It is about how we have the strength to survive, especially with the kindness of others and the acceptance of circumstance.

To give people a taste of what to expect, Brown has released the single “Feel You Near”. This track is about rediscovering and reconnecting with a longtime partner after things go off course. This track includes the talents of fellow songwriter Kev Minney, who also features in the accompanying video.

It begins with the gentle use of the guitar by Minney which sets up its captivating tone. Then, Brown comes in the opening lines “Up up over the sea far away / Don’t follow me / You’ve been dark and moody for days / I’ll leave you to it”. Her vocals feel effortless but ooze so much emotion. They are used to bring her words to life.

The intertwining finger picking style of the guitar from Minney with Brown’s delicate vocals create this compelling atmosphere. It is used to mirror the mood of the lyrics, which is helped along by subtle use of strings in the background.

When the chorus arrives, Brown’s vocal presence shines even more. The power and emotion within her tone are sublime. They are used to give more of an impact to the lines “I feel you near me / I feel you near me / I hear you on the wind”.

‘Feel You Near’ shows that Steph Brown’s debut album will be essential listening

Overall, “Feel You Near” is an excellent introduction to the musical talents of Steph Brown. It showcases a songwriter who has a genuine love for the craft. If her upcoming album captures this same level of emotion (or more) as this track, then we are in for something exceptional.

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