Sugar Addikt Take You To ‘Phoenix’

It’s pretty rare to see a mother, son duo in music. Sure, we’ve seen families play together before, but a strictly mother, son duo is unique and intriguing. There is something undeniably special about music made by those who share the same DNA. Seattle based electronic act, Sugar Addikt has that magic. Compromised of Vanessa and Bowman Littrell, Sugar Addikt has a synergy that can only be born from common DNA.

This year has seen the release of their first collaborative piece of work, their EP titled Phoenix. This EP consists of five original songs that seek to tell an overarching story. Starting at the lowest of lows with only hope and prayer in pocket, “Shackles” opens the EP. Upbeat and powerful, it shows the resilience within the human body. Sugar Addikt expresses, “If we hold ourselves accountable, the ‘Shackles’ are of our own making…” and reminds us that “you could be here all the time,” if you allow yourself the freedom to let go of what holds you back.

The positive messages continue throughout the EP, proving that Sugar Addikt wrote this with their intentions crystal clear in mind. Utilizing their music to spread a message while maintaining a fun and upbeat sound allows fans to connect with their music deeply. “Change It” features intense instrumentals and fast beats that help create the sense of urgency that you need to take hold of your life now and make changes for the better.

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As you continue through the EP, the sense of power doesn’t fade, in fact it amplifies. “New Dawn” hosts a sense of rebellion and individuality. You can feel the fervent fire throughout this track. Persevering through the mundane and petty to allow yourself the freedom to fights norms and be true to yourself. There isn’t a soul in the world that can’t benefit from this message.

Phoenix really takes you on a journey of acceptance, perseverance, tenacity, and hope. “The Phoenix must die before taking flight. As expectations change, shackles are broken, the funeral pyre must be built, then you light it, and proceed.”

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