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From the opening lyrics it was very clear that “For Better” was a song with a story to be told and Nashville based singer-songwriter Sydney Hansen did an amazing job telling it. 

The intro was bluesy with a southern feel, and the video that accompanies the single totally matched the songs vibe. Hansen has an amazing raspy tone to her voice that made her words even more compelling as she detailed her encounter with a green-eyed devil. The song followed the standard AB, AB song structure,  and the verses the perfect build up to the payoff that the chorus provided; I personally loved the play on words of the hook “he didn’t break my heart for good, he broke it for better.” I loved that line, because it implies that in life there are several lessons to be learned, and if we can look back and learn from mistakes made, we might be better off in the end, and thanks to the lesson learned in the beginning. 

Enjoy the ‘For Better’ Music Video By Sydney Hansen

The bar room setting in the video perfectly aligned with theme of the song taking place in one. Given the fact that many individuals, both young and older, find partners in a bar, and some of those interactions may or may not, turn out the way you planned. But a bar is still a great meeting place for singles to meet and greet. As the song progresses to the second verse the narrator continues to detail further encounter of the way this green-eyed devil charmed her to the point she believed he was one of the few good guys left in town, only to ultimately show his true colors and not be that great after all; proving the one thing everyone knows who’s ever dated, in life sometimes you got to kiss a lot of frogs before you’ll ever find that prince.

By the time the song reaches its middle-eight its clear at this point the narrator is in reflection mode, looking back on the turn of events, and chalking it all up to life lessons; because at the end of the day that’s all you really could do, after that the song continues on to the chorus till it fades out over the instrumental…

“For Better” is a Triumph! Well written, well executed, and well sung by Sydney Hansen. Give it up to the musicians; give it up to the production team: engineer(s), producer(s). It’s an easy 10’s across the board for me. I love it!! Sydney Hansen is definitely worth checking out she reminded me of Carrie Underwood musically and Taylor Swift when she first began recording music; making Sydney Hansen an artist to watch.

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*-reviewed by L. W. Catoe Jr.

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