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By Small Ruin Sounds “Like Heaven”

By Small Ruin have yet to let us down. Indie Band Guru have been long-time fans of Bryan Mullis’ alt-rock project. Continuously brining us addictive music based on a whirlwind of life experiences and events, Mullis is at it again with “Like Heaven.” This time, Mullis captivates us with a story of finding the right

By Small Ruin speaks to everyone in “Some People”

Catchy, emotive, and vocally powerful as ever, By Small Ruin is back with its latest release “Some People.” The instrumentation is subtle and strong, laying the groundwork for a catchy melody that feels almost stripped. It makes for a listening experience that prominently features alt-rock vocals and lyrics that inspire defiance and perseverance. “Some People”

By Small Ruin is Back With ‘My Angel’

In the current state of the music scene, it is more important than ever to stay front and center in your fan’s minds. With so much entertainment content out there the attention span of the masses has been reduced dramatically. As an independent artist you have the ability, and the need, to release new music