By Small Ruin Leans Close So He Can ‘Feel Your Breath’

By Small Ruin

Life is a journey that we all experience. An artist is able to express that journey through music. A well-traveled artist has plenty of inspiration to pull from. This has created some of the most relatable songs. Our friend By Small Ruin has had more than his share of experiences and has returned to share his next single “Feel Your Breath” with us.

The adventurous songwriter born as Bryan Mullins has been pouring his life into music since his high school days. Traveling and gathering life experiences have been just as important. By Small Ruin has built up a wealth of thrills that have been transferred into his music and performances. We covered his last hit “Crazy” a few weeks back.

This latest single “Feel Your Breath” lets By Small Ruin share another true-life story with us. The mellow vocal delivery tells the story of two young lovers who must spend the first year of their relationship living six hours apart from each other. The listener can share in the emotion of the long dark roads on the journey to see their love. The build-up to the chorus provides the hope that it will all work out in the end and that all the struggle was worth it.

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