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Some people live a life that’s worth keeping track of, and Bryan Mullis is one of them. Rebellious and adventurous in nature, you truly never know what to expect from this free-spirit. Those life experiences have translated into seamlessly into music for Bryan, thus By Small Ruin was born.

By Small Ruin is an anagram for Mullis’ name, and everything about his music could not be more genuinely him. Dedicated to his dream Bryan has taken himself across the country to perform to all who will listen. And even with a world-wide quarantine under-way, By Small Ruin has been as productive as ever before. 2020 has seen the release of “All Is Well,” an uplifting number that everyone needed as these trying times have began to unfold.

By Small Ruin

More recently, “Crazy” was dropped, giving fans even more of what they want to lead us into Spring and Summer. “Crazy” is a cute little love song that feels like sitting on a porch swing with a beer on a hot summer day. The track has the easy-listening, alt-rock sound that will spark the interest of fans of Dave Matthews Band and Counting Crows.

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“Crazy” hits all of the fun and exciting nuances of love on the head and delivers it in a way that doesn’t feel cheesy or artificial. Bryan says “This song is about a musician friend I have that claimed he would never settle down. He was so adamant about this fact that we used to tease him about it. Turns out, of everyone in our social circle, he ended up falling the hardest when he met the right girl.

“Crazy” has already amassed over 12,000 Spotify streams since it’s release this month and it is clear that there is no chance By Small Ruin is going to slow down. Bryan Mullis has a story to tell, and this is one you’re going to want to stay tuned in on.

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