By Small Ruin is Back With ‘My Angel’

By Small Ruin

In the current state of the music scene, it is more important than ever to stay front and center in your fan’s minds. With so much entertainment content out there the attention span of the masses has been reduced dramatically. As an independent artist you have the ability, and the need, to release new music on a consistent basis. Our friend By Small Ruin has been keeping with this philosophy and it is paying off.

As a songwriter, By Small Ruin (aka Bryan Mullins) takes his life experiences and turns them into songs. Fortunately for him, he has led quite the interesting life and grabbed inspiration from every corner of it. 

The latest installment in the By Small Ruin discography is the lovely “My Angel”. A steady and simple drumbeat sets the tone for Bryan to pour all his emotion and energy into his lyrics. This has always been one of the strengths of By Small Ruin. Painting a thought provoking story with his words while the energy of the music builds to fill the sonic space. By the end of the track, the listener is fully encapsulated within the heart and soul of the song.

In fact let me share the lyrics here so you can read along to the sentiment:

Daddy was a good man

He kept it in the road

Something must have happened I don’t know

Today was just the first day

His letter still unread

As I lay down to bed I can hear him

Sleep, my angel

Not a peep, my angel

Momma’s being quiet

She won’t visit your stone

Can’t accept you’re never coming home

Sis, she ain’t much better

That’s why I’m here alone

As I lay down this rose, hear me saying

Sleep, my angel

Not a peep, my angel

Maybe you felt you were on your own

Overwhelmed, it’s easy to lose hope

If I had only known, you were at the end of your rope

November makes three years now

I’ve got a son of my own

I tell him of the one he’ll never know

I hope you’re somehow watching

When I lay him down to rest

I sing to him that sweet song I know best

It goes like this

Sleep, my angel

Not a peep, my angel

Sleep, my angel

Not a peep, my angel

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