Tancred Shares Journey of Self Discovery With Upcoming ‘Nightstand’


Tancred, otherwise known as Jess Abbott, has recently released two singles, and announced a release date of June 1 for her upcoming album, Nightstand. Her singles, “Queen of New York” and “Reviews,” set the stage for listeners,  them a sneak peak into what her new album is all about.


Though she is always working on new music, the album, Tancred shared, came cohesively together during a surprise encounter with herself. She has stated that she spent so much time working on getting to know herself and reach a firm level of comfort of who she is. In doing so, however, she learned that she lost comfort in connecting with other people, and longed to reshape what that kind of connection meant to her. This album is a journey of self discovery, followed by the realization of what she needs in relationship to others, and finding how the two meld together.


Tancred as a Powerfully Relatable Artist


With both the song and the accompanying video, “Queen of New York” does a good job setting the stage of what it is like being young in a big city, encompassing a night life full of falling for a person or even a feeling, with the excitement and confusion all wrapped up into picturesque lyrics and a light tune. The video works well, as the positive, energetic sound contrasts with the more serious black and white imagery, which speaks to both the happy and melancholic vibes that comprise Tancred’s music.

In these singles, Tancred takes listeners on a very raw journey and goes deeper into parts of herself that she gave us glimpses of in her past work. What makes her music so special, is that while there is excitement in her storytelling, there is also an aspect of remorse and longing that anybody can relate to. Be sure to keep your eye out for more from Tancred.

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