Tank And The Bangas Spread Love With New Music.

The 2020 Grammy nominated group Tank and The Bangas continue their trailblazing path. To commemorate Black History month the band is releasing the singles “Black Folk” and “Stolen Fruit.” In 2010, Tarriona “Tank” Ball (frontwoman, lead vocals) met keyboard player Norman Spence, and drummer Joshua Johnson at an open mic night in New Orleans. Along the way Albert Allenback (alto saxophone, flute) joins the adventure. Tank and The Bangas stepped into the national spotlight by winning the Tiny Desk contest in 2017. “We’ve managed to expand our Tiny Desk moment into a lifetime of amazingness,” says Tank. A fearless blend of New Orlean’s styles has earned the band a critical acclaim and a growing fanbase.

Soft organ keys warmly greet us as “Black Folk” opens. The verses follow a spoken word style. Tarriona “Tank” Ball says, “The song is about my love for Black people—everything that they are, everything that they do, their hair, the little girls, JazzFest. All the beautiful things about us and the things that we like to cover up with pain, laughter, food and music, the family secrets, all of it. The way we look at other Black people that have so-called ‘made it,’ like Cicely Tyson and Serena Williams and Tyler Perry. It’s an ode to Black people.” Contributions from guest vocalists Alex Isley and Masego are homerun hits. Alex Isley’s chorus vocals radiate elated sunshine. The kind of sunshine one basks in eyes closed. Masego takes us home with an infectiously catchy syncopated delivery that makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing to sing along.

Listen to “Black Folk” below

The companion single “Stolen Fruit “arrives with a corresponding music video directed by Sontenish Myers. The cinematography is first class with its intrinsic angles and amalgamating flow. Images of a young man dancing with an older more experienced group begin to play. He’s enveloped by love and family. He gains confidence with every passing frame. Towards the video’s conclusion, the young man creates his own dance. Finding his place in the world assisted by the love of his family. The music is next level as powerful vocals glide over grand piano keys. Whimsical flute notes flutter like butterflies dancing in the warm blue sky. A subtle world beat adds weight to the chant of the title track name “Stolen Fruit.”

Tank and The Bangas are a transcending group. They carry an effortless sway to their modus operandi. Pop laden tracks like “No ID” and “Nice Things” are built for radio. The hard-hitting singles “Big” and “Quick” are for the neighborhood block party. “Black Folk” and “Stolen Fruit” expand the range of their sound, taking them to new heights.

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