Tempus Frayed hold nothing back on their debut EP ‘Issues’

Tempus Frayed

Tempus Frayed burst onto the scene with their single “Be The One”. It highlighted a band that knew how to create an anthemic rock track with an infectious soundtrack. After its release, Kailan Last (lead vocals/guitar), Wade Currin (rhythm guitar), and Sam Pritchard (drums) kept with the momentum by releasing more singles throughout the year. Some may not have packed a punch like “Be The One”, but “Stubborn” and “One Night” still have a lot to offer. However, “Say it Back” and “One in A Million” still offer that rock energy that grabs the listener’s attention. 

The trio may have gone quiet lately, but they have a good reason. Tempus Frayed say, “We have been working on this EP for the best part of a year. We have gone for a much brighter style, which we feel translates to our new sound and feel in these new tracks! The EP was completed with just us three band members! We have all put many hours into each song, and we hope you can hear the love we have poured into this project!”. Let’s find out what Issues EP has to offer.

Issues is a no-nonsense rock album that feels big. From its opening track, “Running From The Rain”, you can hear that these guys are not messing about. As soon as you press play, the trio come at you with full force, its sound pulsates so much energy that it’s difficult not to pay attention. The drums are thunderous, and the guitars are packing a punch too. It’s a combination used effectively during the hook. It makes you sing along to, “I’m running from the rain / I’m running from my options / Nothing left to say before I go and lose it all / I’m running from the rain / I’m running from disruption / Nothing left to say before I go and choose this fall”.

Issues might be a debut EP by Tempus Frayed, but they hold nothing back. ‘Issues’ is relentless with its rock energy, that leaves you wanting more!

The following tracks ease off the throttle, but only a little. “Miles and Miles” talks about the struggle of being away from home. As the hook is slightly softer, you pay more attention to the lyrics. Letting lines, “When I’m miles and miles away, I begin to change / Yeah my thoughts they try to tell me I’m okay / And I’m reaching out to you to feel my pain”, share those feelings. While “Movie Scene” shares more of their lyrical qualities with another fast-paced rock soundtrack.

“Need Your Kinda Love” offers something a little different. From its start, you notice it from the vocals. Last’s delivery is softer as he shares, “Everything around me / Everything surrounds me / Something that I can’t explain”. That is not the only change, as this trio are more restrained with the soundtrack. As a result, it all comes together to add more emotion to support their words. It would be interesting to hear this song stripped further back as an acoustic track. As the song progresses, the trio bring back the noise, but not to the levels heard as those before it. 

Closing out the Issues EP comes a remastered version of their debut track, “Be The One”. It is the perfect way to see things out. A song that showcases what Tempus Frayed has to offer. Last’s soft vocals open up with, “I will be your one / With the truths and the maybes / The crying lately / I will be the one to hold your hand”. Afterwards, they turn the volume and energy levels up as the guys return with their infectious rock sound. One of the reasons that makes this band stand out so much is because of the natural chemistry between Last, Currin, and Pritchard. Together, they understand how they want to sound.

The energy they create is infectious. It stands out during the chorus as they repeat the opening lines, but this time with more of a punch. It also appears during the instrumental towards its finale. But just like the EP, this song is not about individuals or stand-out moments, it is about how good it all feels and compels you to singalong. The guys have set the bar high with this debut release. Issues is the ideal way to show off their captivating anthem-esc rock sound. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of an exciting musical journey for Tempus Frayed.

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