California Shares “Willin” With Us

California has been engaging audiences since 1973. They had several hits as recording artists in the 70s and 80s signed to Laurie Records, and now Les and Loretta Fradkin are back with material updated for the modern era. California is known for their use of an eclectic collection of instruments, utilizing the harpsichord, mellotron, and electric bouzouki, as well as traditional rock mainstays on their new track “Willin”.

California brings all of the character of their songs from the 70s on “Willin.” The track is jangly and bright, reminiscent of pop from past eras. Throwback music is taking over the mainstream in music, but California are the real deal. Having been making music for so long, it is evident that the sound comes from somewhere true and full of love for the art.

The optimism in the lyrics is refreshing, the song has a pure message that is endearing and positive. Listening to “Willin” transports you right to the bright sunny beaches of the music video. The varied instrumentation adds an exotic touch without distracting from the core of the song. “Willin” feels like a relaxing vacation that never has to end.

If you enjoyed California’s song “Willin,” check out some of the hits they have had throughout the years. The tracks “See You In September,” “Summer Fun Medley,” and “He’s Almost You” are great places to start diving into their sound. They are also continuing to release some great material, keep up with California to see what is in store for the future.

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