STEEN is Running Through ‘Red Lights’


Southern California has always been a hotbed of fresh musical talent. It seems that experimentation is in the air there while bands try new things and offer their own style that takes the SoCal feeling to the masses. The latest up-and-coming band to start making some noise is our recent find STEEN.

The musical duo is based in Orange County, California. STEEN is actually made up of brothers Elijah and Isaiah Steen. Together they bring in an assortment of influences to craft their own version of the SoCal sound with their debut single “Red Lights.”

The smooth warm vibe can be felt right from the start. The smooth vocals ease along but there is real emotion in the lyrics. STEEN says about the song  “Once you cut through the feel-good acoustics of the record, ‘Red Lights’ is heavy and encompassed in pain. It’s a play on humanities fatal flaws, mental health, and addiction.” They truly show that there is more to the music than just great sound. 

Justin Raisen who worked with such stars as David Bowie and Lizzo was brought in for production on “Red Lights.” The mellow mix of beats and swirling sounds blends perfectly to lay a full cascade of music to surround the listener. This track is ready to hit the mainstream and set STEEN up for real success.

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