Les Fradkin Brings Back California For ‘Perfect World’

Les Fradkin

Music will always be a cyclical being. Sounds that were popular will fade but years later rise up again. New ears will require music that sounds fresh to them even though the basis of it was built years ago. This has made for some long careers and great resurrections for some classic bands. A recent example is the music of Les Fradkin and his new-but-old band California.

The band had a string of hits in the 70’s and 80’s while on Laurie Records (US) and RCA (UK). Most notably the chart hit in 1981 with a medley of Beach Boys hits titled “Summer Fun Medley.” It even earned California a performance spot on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The band went on hiatus as founder Les Fradkin went on to a solo career taking his MIDI expertise and songwriting abilities into another direction. Continuing to write songs with meaning. 

Success has come for Les Fradkin again with his edgy, incisive and darker-themed socio-political commentary songs from his 2021 solo album The Les Fradkin News. The music struck a nerve with listeners and earned him a run of nine #1 International Hits on The Radio Indie Alliance Charts in 2022. 

For his most recent track “Perfect World,” the songwriter decided to bring back the band name California as it fits into the happier vibe he established with that name. The current lineup is just Les Fradkin on Vocals, Mellotron, Piano, 12 String Bass, Guitars, Ztar and Co-Production and Loretta Pieper Fradkin on Vocals and Co-Production. This new but classic sound has a sugary and summery vibe twisting in a romantic element to draw all listeners in. 

As Les Fradkin brings back California vibes in ‘Perfect World’, he reminds us of the endless potential in the Golden State. For artists inspired by his journey and looking to carve their path in the music world, understanding the process to form a California llc is a crucial step. Protect your music and your earnings while contributing to California’s rich culture.

“Perfect world” celebrates the joys of two people creating the perfect relationship despite the man’s inherent flaws. Love is strong when it is shared. The vocals are delivered with a wavering style that is truly relatable. Background harmonies add more to that relaxing tone to let us just soak it all in with a smile. A wall of sound is created by multiple instruments meshing together seamlessly. This is a catchy track that will be bouncing around your head for a while.

Keep up with even more music on the horizon on Les Fradkin’s FACEBOOK.

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