Fire “Burns” Within The Bergamot

With new COVID variants running ramped and ruining holiday plans for many, music that speaks to feeling alone is more relatable than ever before. Brooklyn, NY based band The Bergamot have channeled that energy into their last release of 2021 with a single titled “Burns.”

“Burns” speaks to the yearning and desperation to be with friends and family in a time where we’ve all been isolating for nearly two years. “Through 2020, we have all lost significant loved ones, things, opportunities. Taken out from right underneath us. As we reflect on what the future holds, we are uncertain what will resume or be replaced. It’s a time of great opportunity and hope, but also of tremendous uncertainty” says Hoff of The Bergamot. 

Watch the video for “Burns” below

The theme of the track shines perfectly through the music. “Burns” has dauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies that manage to feel haunted yet light and hopeful at the same time. You can feel the underlying pain and sorrow but what shines through more is the optimism for better days and that sweet reunion with our loved ones.

The music video for the single is a prime extension of the song. As you listen, you watch two folks being taken away from each other. You can feel their pain through the expression within their dances. But as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and you can feel that the reunion between the two will be sweeter than they could ever imagine.

“We’ve seen great tragedy through these times – but great moments of beauty as well.” concludes Hoff. “We hope the video really captures the desolation but optimism that we all have for the time ahead.”

The Bergamot has big plans for 2022. They will be releasing their new album in March. That will be followed by a U.S. Tour that is currently being planned. In addition, this coming year they will be releasing their State of the Unity documentary after 5 years in the making. A movie filmed in all 50 states as they toured the country promoting peace and inclusion. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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