The Crooked Kings – Keeping Raw Rock Alive

We all know the tried and true ways that bands come together even if most of them seem cliche nowadays.  Many bands will try to make up a story that seems more original and interesting.  Our latest find, The Crooked Kings aren’t interested in creating an original (fake) story, just original rock music.

The Crooked Kings


The alternative rock band from the southeast of England accepts that a variety of the old school ways helped form the band.  There were soul-searching travels.  There were reconnections of musical friends after years apart.  There were classified ads answered.  The result was a group of four men that had the real desire to make gritty alt-rock music.  The Crooked Kings sound keeps the straight rock genre alive with a raw feel  along with tons of energy and emotion within.  

The Crooked Kings Are Now Ready To Get Out There 

The band has released a few songs through their Soundcloud page to introduce themselves to the rock fans.  The husky vocals at the start of “Broken Carousel” set The Crooked Kings up in their own space away from phony pop rock.  The mix of odd atmospheric noise creates an epic big sound for the track.  The guitars take the lead on “NH8” with both catchy melodies and muted notes that keep the raw vibe rolling.  The energy shows its head on “The Lanes” with emotional vocals and a fast paced chorus that will bury itself deep in your memory.  This is rock and roll for rock and roll’s sake.  Enjoy more and see what’s next at:

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